Jan 22

Just Because You Can't See It. . . Day 2























Jan 22

Just Because You Can't See It. . . Day 1

. . . Doesn't mean it's not there.

Jason Climer, our resident scientist, stopped in to help us grow some germs.


    First, he gave us an introduction on our experiment. He showed us how to drag the swab through the agar.











 Here, Jett has swabbed the couch and is putting the bacteria into the agar.









 In this picture, Victor is taking a swab from a dollar bill.









 The kids looked at a toy frog under a microscope to see things not visible to the naked eye.










Jan 21

Interview with Andrew Wokosin


Andrew Wokosin was a Sunday School student from second through eighth grade.


He was interviewed by Bailey and Tucker.


We chose Andrew as our first interview because we all know him well, and even after he graduated the Sunday School, he would come back throughout his time in High School to visit and help out as a teacher assistant. Most of the kids at the Sunday school now have some past experience with Andrew, and we figured he would be a great guinea pig for our blog.


Listen to the interview here:





Here are some highlights of our interview:

Andrew is 21 and goes to UW Stevens Point College. He's attended Ethical since he was 8, and graduated at 14. He enjoyed being the target in a game called "Pie the Andrew" at our annual fall children's fair. After his graduation, he would drop in and help out as a teacher assistant for the Sunday School. One of the most important skills he said he learned was being able to work with people of different ages, which he says is essential when you go out into the world. Now he's in college, and works as a CA for his building, making sure no one did "anything too stupid". He is entering a career in Water Management.














Jan 21


    Jason Climer showed us how to grow bacteria.



Jan 20

Sunday School Blog

We're starting a blog! Check back often to see what's happening in the Sunday School!





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